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EREMA | 2017-06-08


The manufacturer of recycling systems is relying on new production processes with the
optimum use of resources in its production of assembly groups. The new approach enables
reduced production lead times for the individual assembly groups, such as melt filters and
pelletisers, while at the same time increasing product quality.

Ansfelden, 6 June 2017 – With the opening of its new assembly shop 4 at the Ansfelden location at
the end of April EREMA changed over to a production process which is geared towards future
customer requirements. Customers benefit from lead times being significantly reduced, increased
delivery reliability and a further increase in quality standards. "The expansion of our production
capacities was a logical next step due to the increased demand for our technology. In doing so we
made a conscious decision to optimise the production processes at the same time," explains
Manfred Hackl, CEO at EREMA. Besides optimum tool selection for the respective assembly
group, each workplace has access to modern fabrication infrastructure such as scissor lifts,
slewing jib cranes and a fully automatic Kanban system. The necessary material and information
processes are coordinated based on exactly timed planning of the individual workplaces. This
ensures a smooth production process with upstream and downstream departments.
The approach also comes with benefits for employees. Particular attention was placed on
ergonomics and practicability for the user in the design of the modern and clean workplace.

Taking full advantage of optimisation potential
Process optimisation in the production of assembly groups is the first step in an extensive
evaluation of optimisation opportunities along the entire production chain at EREMA. "Our goal is
to increase our competitiveness even further on an international scale. Besides reliable recycling
technology and innovative developments we are constantly committed to ultramodern production
standards to maintain our leading position in the market. In addition to a modern working
environment for our employees we will be counting on efficiency and transparency in workflow
even more so in future," emphasises Manfred Hackl.

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