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WEIMA | 2017-10-19


The focus of the trade fair presentation is a shredder of type WLK 1000 that has a working width of 1,000 mm at a rotor diameter of 370 mm. The V-rotor is equipped with 78 rotor blades. According to supplier specifications, the machine is particularly suitable for the shredding of large-volume as well as solid plastic parts made from, for example, PE, PP, PVC, PS, PU, PET. WLK shredders can be supplied per conveyor belt, forklift or manually and are selectively equipped with a mechanical or hydraulic drive. The shredding of the material supplied is carried out between rotor blades and a fixed counter blade. In doing so, a slider equipped with segment strips feeds the material to be shredded to the rotaring rotor. The slider is equipped with segment strips where jamming should be avoided. The cutting gap adjustment on the V-rotor allows the regulation up to the desired shredding quality. Different equipment variants permit the adjustment to the customer-specific application case.

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