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Nordmeccanica | 2018-01-22


This company from Piacenza produces packaging machines and is the first supplier for the German food industry: “Our 4.0 systems are at the forefront, and we export also in Australia,” explains the Technical Director Vincenzo Cerciello.


The unique goal of 3000 packaging machines installed in five continents, the leadership attained in the German food industry, the entrance into the niche of the metallized packaging and the new technology 4.0.


In few days will be Christmas, but this year it will be difficult for Santa Claus to invent something to improve the 2017 experienced by Nordmeccanica. The results achieved by this company from Piacenza, specialized in the production of packaging machines, confirm the solidity of the reality conducted since 1998 by the Cerciello family. Now, with the presence of Antonio Cerciello at the helm, it does not intend to quit, but rather, thanks to the consolidated mix of technological and international development, it aims to nibble other market shares.


“The investments in technology and internationalization go hand in hand. We do the research and development to improve the final product and to cover new territories. Having unique technological machines that we get to sell in Australia means being at the right point.”, points out Vincenzo Cerciello, son of Antonio and Technical Director of Nordmeccanica, who, to better explain the excellent results, starts from the emblematic conquest of the primacy in the German food packaging segment, that as of today sees in Nordmeccanica the first supplier of the German multinationals, with a sales volume that reach 7 million Euros.


“Germany represents the maturity test for the ones who want to assert themselves on a technical and technological level. To do Technology 4.0 was imperative to be able to develop in a technologically advanced market, which needs a data-exchange between machines and managements, simplified instruments and high safety”.


After having saturated the production capacity of the two plants in Piacenza and the one in Shanghai throughout the current year, guaranteeing a turnover of about 110 million euro with an export of 95% and a global market share of 70%, and having reached the record of the 3000 machines installed around the world, for Nordmeccanica it is time for new challenges.


On one side, the new business of metallized packaging (the production of aluminum lacquered plastic films that maximize the production capacity of food, pharmaceuticals and equipment enclosures, defending them from the risks of contamination), on the other, an acceleration of the evolution in the industry 4.0.


“High technology is in our DNA – points out Cerciello referring to the new metallizing business, a niche market contended with other two European competitors - We chose a high technological profile market segment to support the relaunch of Galileo VACUUM Systems, expand our range and raise the technological know-how”

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